Alder Sportswear Advertising

Over a decade of progressive advertising.


Alder have been active in the surf market for over four decades! Starting with a pair of board shorts in the late 60′s, they grew into a multi-million pound business.

I was contacted in 1999 after I had sent Alder a mailshot. They had been looking for a local designer for a few years – not easy to find in the depths of Devon. They were surprised to find a designer with my experience in the village and we have worked together for over a decade!

I designed their first ad’ in August in 1999. Back then we employed professional photographers and it was very expensive. Eventually I invested in a digital camera and photographed their product line for brochures etc. This enabled me to use the images for the ad’s with a vast saving for Alder. Below you will find a selection of ad’s spanning a decade.

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