Alder Wetsuit Graphics

Following the contours...


Alder have been active in the surf market for over four decades! Starting with a pair of board shorts in the late 60′s, they grew into a multi-million pound business. I was contacted in 1999 after I had sent Alder a mailshot. They were surprised to find a designer with my experience in the village and we worked together for over a decade!

Presented below is a small but varied selection of wetsuit and knee-pad graphics. I estimate I produced designs and specifications for over 70 wetsuits over a ten year period.

The design work was very complex as I often had to photograph a unique sample wetsuit and then piece together the graphics. Other solutions were created from a “chopped-up” wetsuit which I then scanned in sections and digitally stitched together. Occasionally, a manufacturer would supply a CAD pattern to work with. And finally, I would ask my wife to wear a blank wetsuit, gently draw the contours onto the neoprene (to avoid tickling) and then chop it up and scan in as a sectional pattern – an interesting technique.

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