The King of Shaves Company

Corporate CMS website with clean lines and ease of use for mass information...


By sales, King of Shaves is the second largest shaving hardware and software company in the UK. Founded in 1993, they are regarded as a true entrepreneurial success. In under two decades they have grown from a kitchen table business to a global enterprise with a retail presence throughout the nation. Not satisfied with it’s UK success, the King of Shaves now operates in international territories: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and most importantly, the USA.

I have worked for the King of Shaves for over a decade producing microsites (small websites), presentations, showreels and print based work. In 2007 they invited me to pitch for their corporate website. It had to be a CMS so they could update it easily. It needed to be clean and simple to use with a view to hosting mass information and mixed media.

I won the pitch! Work began and three months later the project was completed on budget. The website is brimming with articles and information but it doesn’t feel that way. The elegant design enables ease of navigation for interested visitors and more importantly, investor relations. It is based on a MySQL database and offers an easy route to creating pages with design flair.

I add content to the site on a weekly basis.